Avila Beach

Avila Beach

Escape is the name of the game in Avila Beach. A long time favorite of local San Luis Obispo County residents and visitors alike, Avila feels more like an exotic vacation destination, far removed from the typical type beach communities on the Central Coast. Even the beach is different here. Where other beaches are cold and windy, Avila is warmer, protected in a sunnier, south facing microclimate than other more exposed beach towns. The formerly funky beach town is now the location of luxury hotels, boutique shops and excellent restaurants. But Avila’s small town charm still comes through in a newer resort style ambiance.

Avila has made a stunning comeback from the massive cleanup in the 1990’s by oil giant Unocal, who was sued to remove contaminated beach front, polluted by seepage from their underground oil pipes. The city of Guadalupe, to the south, provided 7000 tons of sand in the restoration of the beach from Front Street to the ocean.

One of the best escapes in Avila is the Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort. Located at 1215 Avila Beach Drive, the opportunities for relaxation in a spa setting include massage, yoga classes, facials and body treatments, and soaking in the famous, hillside mineral springs hydrotherapy hot tubs. To sit in the hot mineral rich water while enjoying a glass of excellent local San Luis Obispo County wine surrounded by native California oaks is an experience not to be missed. Rates are $12.50 per hour on weekdays and $17.50 per hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Reservations are strongly recommended for the weekends. (805) 595-7302, extension 375.)

Sycamore Springs is not only a therapeutic health center but also a destination resort, with private hot tubs on the patios of their hotel property’s rooms and suites.

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