Los Alamos

Los Alamos

The lovely little town of Los Alamos has only about a thousand people but it is rich in history. The original 49,000 acres in the Los Alamos Valley were known as Rancho Los Alamos, and granted by Mexico to Antonio De La Guerra y Noriega.

In the 1830’s and 1840’s, a bandit named Solomon Pico, cousin to the California governor Pio Pico, was hiding out in the hills above Los Alamos. A local legend, the outlaw and highwayman, robbed and killed his victims, taking their ears as souvenirs. One hundred years later, he would be fictionalized on television by Walt Disney as Zorro.

The main street of Los Alamos is California State Route 135, also known as Bell Street, which is home to many historic town buildings. The Victorian Mansion Bed and Breakfast, built in 1864 and is now comprised of six outrageously themed guestrooms (and receives a recommendation in this guide. See “Hotels.”) The 14 room 1880 Union Hotel is not only a historic landmark but is associated with many twentieth century musicians. Johnny Cash played the hotel dining room early in his career when the hotel was considered a road house. At least two music videos were filmed there. Bon Jovi filmed his video for “Bang a Drum,” with Chris LeDoux and Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney used the Union Hotel in their “Say, Say, Say” video.

Besides history, Los Alamos is full of shops, art galleries, restaurants, and opportunities for wine tasting. The Bedford Thompson Winery and Vineyard is on Alisos Canyon Road and has gotten rave reviews for their no frills tasting room, friendly, passionate staff and superlative Cab franc, syrah, Grenache, and Gewurtstraminer.

9175 Alisos Canyon Road, Los Alamos, CA 93440
(805) 344-2107